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Isuzu, Honda demo hydrogen fuel-cell heavy-truck in Japan

Source: Isuzu Motors

Last week, Japanese automakers Isuzu Motors and Honda Motor Co. began the public demonstration and testing of their a fuel-cell powered heavy-duty truck 'Giga Fuel Cell' in Japan. Scheduled to run through September 2024, the demonstration is aimed at R&D for their co-developed product due for market launch in 2027.  

The hydrogen truck was previously unveiled at the Japan Mobility Show 2023 in October this year. The demonstration and testing, being conducted with cooperation from Isuzu Logistics and Honda Logistics, will verify the potential of the hydrogen fuel technology and the practicality of fuel-cell trucks in heavy-duty logistics.

The truck is powered by 103kW (x4) solid polymer fuel-cell stacks supplied by Honda, supported by a lithium-ion battery pack. 


Honda showcases next-gen hydrogen fuel cell for use in EVs, stationary power

Honda has readied its next-generation Hydrogen Fuel Cell System Module, developed jointly along with General Motors, and showcased a prototype at the recently-concluded European Hydrogen Week.

The automakers believe hydrogen fuel-cell technology will be effective in achieving carbon neutrality of heavy-duty trucks which are required to achieve high-efficiency transportation with the capability for long-distance driving, large load capacity, quick refueling.

Since the signing of an agreement in January 2020 to conduct joint research on fuel-cell powered heavy-duty trucks, Isuzu and Honda have been working on the verification of the compatibility of the system and heavy-duty trucks and the establishment of a foundation for basic technologies such as vehicle control technologies.

The two companies are planning to introduce the production model to market in 2027 by fully leveraging the technology, experience and knowledge gained through the joint research.


Japanese auto firms commence foundational research on H2 engines for heavy-duty CVs

Isuzu Motors, DENSO Corporation, Toyota, Hino Motors, and Commercial Japan Partnership Technologies Corporation (CJPT) together have announced the starting of planning and foundational research on hydrogen engines for heavy-duty commercial vehicles.
Author : Dhiyanesh Ravichandran
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