Solar, BESS will account for 81 percent of US new generation capacity addition in 2024

The US will add a whopping 62.8 GW of new utility-scale power generation capacity in 2024, and a massive 81 percent of that will consist of solar panels and battery storage, the US...

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Duke Energy announces end-to-end green hydrogen system in Florida

Source: Duke Energy

American energy firm Duke Energy has recently proposed one-of-its-kind demonstration project to create clean energy using an end-to-end system to produce, store...

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EnerVenue bags 25 MWh metal-hydrogen energy storage project in Florida

Image for representation purposes only. Source: EnerVenue

EnerVenue and Florida-based High Caliber Energy have announced a 25 MWh order of the former's Energy Storage Vessels (ESVs) for High Caliber Energy's client bas...

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