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WESD 2023 endorses India's EV and clean energy technology adoption

At the World Energy Storage Day global conference this year, over 3000 clean energy technology and EV experts from 70 countries agreed on India's vibrant EV revolution lead by E2Ws. 

Dr. Rahul Walawalkar, Chair of WESD, and President of IESA presenting at the 2023 edition of the virtual global conference. Source: IESA

The India Energy Storage Alliance (IESA) marked a significant milestone at the World Energy Storage Day (WESD) 2023 on September 22, by making the global virtual conference and expo the world's largest energy storage and green mobility congregation. Experts converged to shed light on the profound transformation unfolding in India's electric vehicle landscape, echoing the call made by Prime Minister Narendra Modi for sustainable mobility and an eco-friendly mobility ecosystem.

PM Modi's vision underscores the urgency of redeveloping the mobility ecosystem in harmony with the environment. In his recent address, he highlighted the need for sustainable mobility solutions, emphasizing the critical role of electric vehicles and energy storage technologies in achieving this goal. 

This vision set the stage for the conference, where experts discussed how energy storage and electric mobility can align with the Prime Minister's vision for a greener India. All the key experts from EV and clean energy supported the fact that E2W and E3W segments are going to be the game changer for EV revolution in India.

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Dr. Rahul Walawalkar, Chair, WESD, and President of IESA, articulated his vision for India's burgeoning electric mobility sector, stating, "India's success in scaling shared mobility and electric bus deployment can serve as a blueprint for other regions, including the Middle East and Europe".

"The demand for passenger cars in developed markets like Europe and the US, coupled with government incentives and regulations, positions them as the next major markets for EVs after China. Additionally, the focus on developing EV infrastructure and enabling business models by utilities in developed markets is a valuable lesson for utilities in developing countries. It underscores the role they can play in accelerating the mobility transition while creating new opportunities for themselves", he added. 

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The WESD conference this time has multiple sessions dedicated to e-mobility, energy storage, and green hydrogen in all five regions of the globe. Further, the platform also witnessed unique workshops emphasizing the critical need for comprehensive guidelines in safety education across the entire ecosystem, from first responders to electricity inspectors. The workshops also highlighted the need to proactively establish standards to prevent potential issues, especially in battery energy storage systems. 

On the workforce front, experts at the workshop agreed that skilled professionals will be the linchpin of the industry's growth in the coming decade. With the rapid deployment of energy storage and mobility technologies, India need to invest in massive workforce development.

With a marathon 24-hour schedule comprising 16 sessions and 4 special sessions, the global conference explored diverse facets of the industry, including stationary energy storage, e-mobility, green hydrogen, and manufacturing and supply chain. The event served as a catalyst for bilateral trade, market development, research, and innovation while fostering international collaborations and sharing best practices.

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Author : IESA
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