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BMW, Rimac strike long-term partnership on high-voltage battery technology for EVs

Image for representation purposes only. Source: Rimac

BMW Group and Croatia-based Rimac Technology has officially announced a long-term partnership to co-develop and co-produce innovative solutions in the field of high-voltage battery technology for selected battery-electric vehicles.

The partners affirmed more details on their strategic tie-up and technology collaboration, as well as its scope and content, at a later stage. The respective strengths and expertise of the two companies complement each other in a productive way, they claim. 

The BMW Group's electrification strategy is aimed at building further on its "leading position" in the premium electric mobility sector. The company brings battery and electric drive system expertise amassed over more than 15 years to the partnership.

The automaker is also preparing the debut of its sixth generation of BMW eDrive technology, which it claims will bring another significant leap forward in all customer-relevant attributes, such as driving range and charging time.


BMW Group rolls out battery cell samples from its Parsdorf facility

BMW Group has recently announced the rolling off the battery cell production line at its new Cell Manufacturing Competence Centre (CMCC) in Parsdorf, Germany. 

Rimac Technology, on the other hand, stands out as a Tier 1 supplier specializing in electrification in the automotive sector. Its portfolio consists of high-voltage battery packs, e-axles, as well as electronics and software solutions.

The company's products are designed, engineered and produced in-house to offer advanced technology with a high degree of customization. The long-term partnership with the BMW Group is a sign of the Rimac Technology transition from niche high-performance solutions supplier to high-volume Tier 1 supplier.

The Rimac Group has also expanded its reach into stationary battery energy storage systems in recent times. The company's battery business is said to be up for a major transformation in the coming years to include different applications and diverse customers. 


Rimac plans big on stationary energy storage systems from 2024 in Europe

Rimac Technology is expanding beyond its high-performance EV technology to introduce innovative stationary energy storage systems (ESS) that are essential for integrating renewable power generation and decarbonization of energy networks.
Author : Dhiyanesh Ravichandran
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